27 Feb

269 Creating Choice

The great thing about life is that it doesn’t happen all at once; it happens in small steps.

Even better news, you don’t have to know all the steps to get started, all you have to do is focus on what is in front of you and take the next step.

That’s what 365days has meant over the past 265 days, a whole lot of focus and one step at a time.  One post a day, one day at a time.  I can’t actually believe 365days has made it this far.  Yes, there is more to the journey and what a milestone to hit.

And it hasn’t all been a bed of roses, posting daily has taken alot more out of me than I initially expected and three things have stood out for me over the past 265days.

  1. Frustration, patience and discipline are pre-requisites.
  2. There are no short cuts, it has been a daily commitment, it has been a roller coaster to keep on keeping on.
  3. I don’t have to know it all, my experience and the way I tell it may be just what another person needs.

One of the best parts of 365days is that I am continuing to learn as I go.  I’m learning about technology, the world of cyberspace is continuing to open up to me. I am learning so much more about myself, about how far I’m willing to “expose” myself, deal with my own vulnerability and step outside of my comfort zone.

So where to for the next 100days?

Here’s where help is needed from you all.  Our next mission is to increase followers, subscribers and readers of 365days, so please take 5 minutes to:

  • Follow 365days by email (at the top right hand side of the screen)
  • Share 365days with anyone who wants to create a career, business and life of their choice
  • Attach 365days as a link on your own website or blog
  • Comment on 365days below, suggestions also welcome

The choice is yours.

Go on, what have you got to lose.


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