02 Mar

272 Let it Go

2.  Let small annoyances go

Or put it another way, to create more freedom, be more productive and have more success DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF  (Great advice from RIchard Carlson).

Looking back, I know I took the long road and learnt the hard way that when you make a big deal out of something small, things just seem to snowball.  Half the time you don’t even know what you’re doing.   When you’re irritated, stressed or annoyed, the smallest events can have your blood boil and its a chain reaction:

  • The more absorbed you get in the details of whatever is upsetting you, the worse you feel.
  • The more you get caught up in your own thinking, the more uptight you get.
  • One thought leads to another, and another, until you become incredibly agitated.
  • You then end up spending all your time dealing with one drama after another.

I know we can all relate when something as small as a spilt drink can have us react in way that not only ruins our day in the short term but can ultimately get in the way of us achieving our goals, getting what we want and enjoying success in the long term.

So, think about your week and ask yourself two questions:

  • How often did you find yourself getting all worked up about things that upon closer examination, really aren’t such a big deal?
  • How much time and energy did you spend “sweating the small stuff”?

Ultimately it will be your reactions, that will be getting in the way of you getting what you want.

And all is not hopeless, we simply need to replace our habits of reaction, with new habits of perspective.  How?

  • By breaking the habit of “sweating the small stuff”.
  • Taking a deep breath and asking yourself is it really worth it?
  • By giving your full attention to the things that do matter, to the things that will make a difference.
  • Using your time and energy instead, to accomplish your goals.

And it continues to be a work in progress, one step at a time.

How are you dealing with the small stuff?

Are you allowing the small stuff to keep you from your potential?

Replace old habits of reaction with new habits of perspective, let the small stuff go and feel the weight lift!

Go on – the choice is yours

What have you got to lose?

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