06 Mar

276 WInning

~ “Win at all costs” ~ “Failure is not an option” ~

Well known quotes, recognized around the globe.  “The whole world loves a winner”.

Go on, admit it, who doesn’t love to win.  It’s a great feeling, a great confidence booster.

Yes, I like to win.  Put me in a competitive situation that means enough to me and I love to come out on top.    Yet, contrary to what others may think, I don’t believe in winning at all costs, whether it’s in sports, business or life.

Winning for me means achieving what you set out to accomplish, either personally, in business or as part of a team.  When you achieve the results you want, you win.  If you don’t achieve the results you were after, you don’t.

This means that no matter who you are, you get to determine what winning specifically means to YOU.

  • It’s not reliant on taking your competitors down or killing off the opposition.
  • It’s not dependent on what others may think or do.
  • It’s not about comparing yourself to those smarter, wealthier, slimmer, making more money than you!

For me the winning formula is not rocket science and it does require commitment.  It looks something like this:

1.  Let go of what other people think – you are you

2.  Make sure you know what you really want

3.  Determine what winning looks like for you

4.  Be willing to take action and work for it … until you get it.

You too, can win at the game of life, the question is do you want to?

Are you dedicated enough to become a winner in your life?

The choice is yours.

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