16 Mar

286 Risk

For many people change represents risk.  Big change represents an unacceptable degree of risk.

Whether your current reality is working for you or not, there’s a certain amount of comfort and security attached to doing things and being surrounded by the people and things you’re familiar with.  On the other hand, trying something new, making changes in order to improve your life opens the door wide for fear, doubt, worry and a whole lot of what-ifs.

  • What if I try and fail?
  • What if I invest my time and energy and things don’t work out?
  • What if I let everyone down?

While fear and risk are closely linked, fear and risk are not the same.

  • Risk is all around us, while fear is a natural reaction to risk.
  • Risk is real and external, fear exists only in our imagination.
  • Fear is a survival mechanism that kicks into gear when your brain senses danger.

As Seth Godin put’s it, “fear is the workout we give ourselves imagining what will happen if things don’t work out”.   We can all, no doubt all think back to a time when

  • the anxiety and worry was worse than the reality?
  • the anticipation was better than the reality?
  • the reality never happened and the fear was all for nothing?

So if you really want to change, get out of our comfort zone and improve your life, you must

  1. recognize every opportunity will have risk,
  2. acknowledge the fear,
  3. then decide to do it anyway.

Those who risk nothing, risk everything.

What sort of risks have you taken lately?

What fears are holding you back?

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