20 Mar

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When problems arise in life, as they will, what questions do we ask ourselves to motivate us forward; to take us from negative to positive, hopeless to hopeful, stagnation to momentum, reactive to proactive?

Following on from yesterday’s “20 Questions”, three examples of empowering questions to open your mind to new possibilities:

  1. How does this challenge create a new opportunity?   Most likely you will not see opportunity, so keep asking the question. Your mind will recognize the assumption, that there is opportunity, as fact and before long you will be seeing an array of possible opportunities.  Ask and discover new opportunities.
  2. What action can I take to transform this situation?  There is a course of action that will transform this situation in a positive way.  All you need to do is to figure out what that action is.  Ask the question and your mind will eagerly assist you.
  3. What will I do differently next time?  This question provides us with choice, there is more than one way to skin a cat and just because the first time didn’t work, there will always be something different you can do to realize your goals.  Put it out there and see where your mind takes you.

And remember, these questions are simply designed to trigger your mind:

  • to discover new answers and ways of doing things
  • to have you focus on possibility and solutions and
  • to create direction for a positive future.

They are not designed for you to spend every minute of the day overanalyzing and scrutinizing your every thought, feeling and action.  So warning, don’t get carried away.  Know when to quit asking, start answering and take action.  Questions are simply a tool to designing a good life now and a great future to come.

How are questions influencing your mindset?

What’s your next question?

Open up your mind – ask another question.

Believe me, you just never know where it will take you!

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