21 Mar

291 Winning Days

How can you help yourself, help others at the same time, be a great team player and an awesome person to be around?  It’s not rocket science.

Today, whether at work, in business or just in life, five sure fire ways of brightening your day and the day of those around you.

1.  Be Happy

No one wants to be around someone who finds life boring or dull, is always complaining, who has no sense of humor or little sense of fun.  No you do not always have to be the life of the party and you can create a light a airy attitude, to have those around you smile.

2.  Participate

Those who get involved, take action rather than spectate and procrastinate.  Participating helps people get to know you and grow with you.  Trust is built when you are willing to put yourself in a position where everyone knows you could end up looking foolish.

3.  Talk to Yourself

The most powerful words you will ever hear in your whole life are the words you say to yourself, about yourself. We speak hundreds of words every minute to ourselves, make them count.

4.  Problem Solve

Help those around you to see that they are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Encourage their ability to think for themselves, be creative and initiate new ideas.  There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

5.  Focus 

As much as we love to multi-task, progress comes from consistency, lots of incremental steps on a regular basis.  Focused thinking and focused energy can bring about significant change whatever you do, wherever you are and whoever you are with.

Go on, give it a go.

See the difference a day makes.  One day at a time!

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