26 Mar

295 Temperaments

Self management is about our ability to meet new challenges, face new situations and respond to new opportunities in our lives.  How we manage ourselves is largely down to our different personality and temperaments.

Our temperament effects everything we do and the concept is simple.  Everyone is a blend of four basic temperaments.  A clear understanding of the basics help you gain a greater understanding of yourself, others and the impact each type has on your daily interaction.

The temperaments have been called many things and I have adopted and adapted the DOPE profile for its simplicity:

  • Eagle:  Decisive, determined and dominant with the basic aim in life, to get results, get things done.
  • Peacock:  Enthusiastic, energetic and extroverted with the basic aim in life to have fun.
  • Owl:  Diligent, detailed and self-disciplined with the basic aim in life to do things right.
  • Dove:  Caring, pleasant and agreeable with the basic aim in life to get on with others.

This is not an exercise in boxing everyone based on the same parameters (I abhor the thought of putting everyone into little boxes).  No one fits directly into one category or another.   All four temperaments are within us.  One will usually be more dominant, one secondary, with the other two being the weaker elements.

How the four individual temperaments blend together defines your individual style, your unique personality.  Your environment and experiences help determine how you express your temperament in actual behavior.

The key is to understand both the strengths and weaknesses of your particular temperament, for example:

  • Time Management – for some it’s second nature, for others, contrary to natural tendencies.
  • Change – some thrive on it and enjoy every minute, while others hate it and avoid it at all costs.
  • Decision Making – for some it comes easily without a second thought, for others it’s a struggle

The more we learn about ourselves, the more we understand why certain areas of life come easy to us and why in other areas we really struggle.  The more aware we become the more able we are to self manage our thoughts, actions and behavior.

The more we learn about differences, the more likely we are to self manage and find better ways of communicating with others, finding out how to best inspire and motivate them.

Do something positive TODAY – what can you do to enhance your self-awareness?

Take action TODAY – what strengths will you develop today?

Then do something TOMORROW, to build on what you did today.

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(If you want to read more about the DOPE profile – flick me a comment and I will send out a free assessment and report)

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