29 Mar

298 This Not That

Following on from yesterdays post, I believe that finding and living your values is an ongoing exercise.  Life-changing events in life, often shift our thinking and can shift our values.

So, today, an exercise I have used to help my clients when defining their company’s values, also a great tool to maximize your own potential.  Something I use whenever I feel the need to revisit, refine or renew my core values.  It’s a simple “This – Not That” exercise (I have no idea where it came from – so high five to the creator).

1.  Reflect back on those times when you were at your best.  Times when you were really showing up as the most powerful, most fully authentic version of yourself.  Times when you were absolutely rocking it.  Times when you were the real you and loving it.  

2.  Write down five or so words that sum that time up.

3.  For every word describing you at your best, pair it up with a word that is the failed or opposite version, the word that makes it mediocre, the word that waters down the effect, dampens the spirit and lessens the punch.

Some ideas of This/Not That:

  • Stepping up not Holding Back
  • On Fire not Smoldering
  • Enthusiastic not Serious
  • Curious not Knowing it All
  • Open minded not Making Assumptions

Being focused on how you are when you rock, when you are at your best, you then build your values up from your behavior, rather than from things you simply think are important.  It helps you see the gaps.  You get clear on both ends of the scale, what you will be and why and what you refuse to be.

So with today being a holiday, it may be just the right time to figure out or reconfirm your values.  As you reflect on different times in your life, ask yourself the following three questions.  Your answers will showcase for you, your potential values and get you started to figuring out your own This/Not That, what’s most important to you.

  • When were you most excited or happy?
  • What was your proudest moment ever?
  • What do you regret the most?

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