30 Mar

299 Problems

Every day and every where there are problems.  Young and old, rich and poor, successful and unsuccessful, educated and uneducated, all have problems.  Maybe different levels of problems, yet problems all the same.

  • Money problems
  • Work problems
  • Business problems
  • Staff problems
  • Relationship problems
  • Family problems
  • Problems with the kids, the list goes on …

When you face a problem, it is usually an indication that you need to make changes.

  • If you are fighting with your partner, colleague, spouse or child, it is an indication that you need to change the way you behave and communicate.
  • If you have money problems, it is an indication that you need to improve the way you deal with your money.
  • If you have a health problem, it is an indication that you need to deal with it, manage it while it is small, look at your diet and commit to exercise for health’s sake.

The fact is that most problems we create for ourselves and unless we change ourselves, the same problems will continue to resurface further down the line in other areas of our lives.

If on the other hand you learn to change, life will take you to another level of success.  And the reality is that the more successful you become, the more problems you have to face.   More success means more challenges.  More success means more risk.

So ultimately we all need problems.  Problems make us adapt, change and grow if we let them.  Always remember, no matter what the problem, all problems,

  • start small and grow day by day
  • are best solved when they are small
  • will not go away simply because you ignore them.

The more comfortable you become with life’s problems, the more you’ll enjoy life’s gifts.

What problems are you ignoring?

What small problems can you deal with today?

What steps can you take to make a difference today?

Imagine the difference it could make.  Go on do it today.

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