02 Apr

302 Thinking

Do you sometimes get tired of thinking?

Does your brain at the end of the day feel like mush?

Can you relate when people joke about how much it hurts just to think?

I’m sure we can all relate, because we are always thinking.  Yet what we are thinking about has a direct effect on the energy we have to think.  Even right now, as you are reading this, your mind is probably full of all sorts of thoughts.  Are you concentrating on what you are reading?   Or are you just scanning, with your mind full of all the other things you have to do today?

Research confirms we think approximately sixty thousand thoughts daily.  Yet think for a moment how powerful your thoughts can be when they are focused.  Thoughts can:

  • create and define reality
  • reason and react
  • provide understanding
  • recall past events and
  • plan for the future.
  • So what thoughts are you allowing to dominate your mind?

Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on what you choose to do with it, depending on how you think, depending on the direction or your thoughts.  The choice you have is whether you will choose to be master of your thoughts or instead become a slave to them.

You alone are in charge of your mind.  You alone are in control of your thoughts.  No thoughts live in your mind rent free.  All thoughts have consequences.  How you choose to deal with your thoughts will ultimately determine where you end up in life.  So where to start?

Develop a sense of discipline over the thoughts you choose to entertain, then every day, create new habits:

  • Focus on the things you choose to think about
  • Fight the impulse to let your mind wonder and
  • Flush out the negative

It may not come naturally.  It will require effort.   It can become part of your life.  It will reap great rewards.

So, what do you think?

Are you up for the challenge?

Where are your thoughts focussed?

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