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303 Adversity

In today’s world, life is full of drama and problems, adversity is impossible to avoid.

There is no denying the fact that everybody faces change, challenge and adversity in life, both big and small and what creates adversity in one person’s life is not necessarily the same for another.  No matter who we are, when we are hit with adversity, the feelings of helplessness, grief and anger are universal.

How well you withstand adversity, according to Dr Paul Stoltz, is dependent on your AQ.  AQ, Adversity Quotient, is the science of human resilience, the less well known cousin of IQ and EQ.

  • IQ is your area of expertise.
  • EQ is your ability to manage yourself and others effectively.
  • AQ is your ability to bounce back in the face of failure and setbacks.

Adversity Quotient is the science of human resilience.  It’s a gauge of how you deal with everything from daily stress and hassles through to the big hits that come your way on rare, or not so rare occasions.

Those with high AQ:

  • are more resilient
  • take greater responsibility to fix problems
  • do not blame others for their setbacks.
  • feel that the problems they face are limited in scope and can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

On the other hand, those who can’t handle adversity

  • find themselves easily overwhelmed and emotional,
  • instead of meeting adversity head on, pull back and give up.

The stronger your AQ, the more effectively you will respond to adversity, and the less life’s events will take a toll on your energy, performance, health, and outlook.

The weaker your AQ, the more difficult it can be for you to maintain the energy, optimism, and fortitude required to optimize your talents and your life.

The big question is, which describes you more, when under pressure?  How high is your AQ?

The good news is, that your AQ can be changed, it can be improved, you can choose to rewire your brain for success and you can create for yourself opportunities from obstacles.

How does the idea of “celebrating adversity” appeal to you?

What changes would it involve you making?

How does your IQ, EQ and AQ measure up?

It may be time to look into it a little deeper, for you and your health’s sake.  More to come on this topic I think!

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