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In theory, you set a goal and methodically take steps to move you closer to your vision.

In reality, most people …

  • set goals,
  • start off with a bang,
  • hit a roadblock,
  • slow down and
  • come to a stop.

Some even become stuck — sometimes without realizing it.  I know we can all relate to getting stuck in a rut and not quite knowing what to do.  So what do we need?  Maybe a little momentum.  Momentum?

  • Is what happens once you get moving.
  • It starts with creating forward movement.
  • And has you run over obstacles in your path like they were nothing.

A train moving at full speed will smash right through a brick wall and keep moving; yet, a single rock placed in just the right spot can prevent a stopped train from getting started.

It is no different creating momentum to achieve your goals.  You don’t need to launch into action like a rocket. And you do need to get started.  Even the smallest actions will eventually begin to build momentum and produce results, as long as we are consistent.  So is momentum lacking for you?

Key suggestions for successfully building momentum:

  • START – start moving forward, stop procrastinating
  • PASS – when problems or obstacles come your way, do whatever it takes to get past them, over them or through them
  • CHANGE – change your strategy, change your tactics, whatever you do keep moving.
  • ACTION – consistent action is essential, big or small, it doesn’t matter.

Eventually the actions you take will require less effort.  If you stay on track,

  • you will see more and more success
  • feel more confident
  • become empowered to continue through thick and thin.

So, no matter what you do, no matter where you are at in your journey, ensure that you are constantly moving in the direction of your goal.   Although you may slacken at times, even stumble and fall, always keep moving forward.

It’s a lot less work to keep moving once you have some momentum, than it is to start moving from a dead stop.

Are you moving forward every day?

What simple action can you take today, to build your momentum?

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