10 Apr

310 Strong Bones

A very simple message, life is about having a dream, being confident and learning to laugh.

Creating a dream

  • Having a wishbone, you are able to dream big, plan and create goals and be creative in how you fulfill your dreams.

Standing your ground

  • Having a backbone has you learn that persistence pays, it gives you the strength to pick yourself up if you fail.  As you pursure your dreams, your self-belief grows as you learn to value yourself and say no to others,  To pursue your dreams requires courage and strength, it requires a backbone.

Laughing at yourself and your mistakes

  • A funny bone has you enjoy life to the fullest, it gives you the ability to laugh at and learn from your mistakes.  It creates laughter, a treasure you can share with anyone in the world anywhere and at anytime.

Life is about following your dreams, being strong and persistent and never losing your sense of humor.

Are you making the most of what you have?

How will you use your wishbone, your backbone and your funny bone today?

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