17 Apr

316 Learning Opportunities

Everyday we have a wonderful opportunity to learn.  No matter who we are.  No matter where we are.  No matter what we do.   Life in general is just one big learning curve.

Think about it, when you are born, you come ready-made, with a brain, eager to learn and experience a new world.   Learn, we did, at a great speed, learning everything we required, to navigate the big wide world that surrounded us.  And in today’s rapidly changing world, it seems that by the time we learn something, it changes in some way, shape or form.   The key to success today is not necessarily based on what you know, but on how willing and how fast you can learn.

According to The 12 Rules of Success by Steve Jobs the twelfth rule is “to learn continually”every day there is something new to learn.

Because, as great as it would be, at the end of the day, life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Sometimes we’ll get it right, sometimes we won’t.  By accepting all the learning opportunities around us, mistakes and all, we increase our chance at success and ultimately, at happiness.

Where to start.  Widen your awareness. Look around, there are so just many ways for each of us to learn; it’s just a matter of opening up our eyes to them.  Learning can come from

  • an inspiring film that you just watched
  • a useful article from someone in your field
  • watching children play, no matter what their age
  • or even from a neighbour who fought in World War 2.

It doesn’t have to be explicit, for it to be a learning opportunity.  It is the way that you chose to interpret a situation, a person’s words, a specific event or a piece of art.  All, different forms of learning that can teach us something about ourselves, our lives and about others.

Reflect on your day today

What have you learnt so far, about yourself, about your life, about those around you?

What will you do with that information?

That’s the million dollar question – learning is action, not just reflection.

Your choice.

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