20 Apr

319 Winter Plans

In the spring, it’s about shaking off the weight of winter and getting revved up for summer.  It’s about clearing away the cobwebs, getting out our sneakers and being reinvigorated to make the most of those glorious sunshine hours.

Then, as autumn and winter set in as the weather gets colder, wetter and windier and the days get shorter and darkerIn the fall, it’s a great time to acknowledge a whirlwind summer, full of activity and challenge and take time to slow down and restore your resilience, energy and focus.

Of course being on the other side of the world, we are heading into what will be for us a new experience, an extremely hot summer, having been through two winters, first in NZ and then here in China (not good planning on my part)!  Already I am longing for a little of that good old Wellington wind here in Nanjing.  Here wind is a novelty, a slight breeze causes an uproar, even rain is minimal.

And for those of you heading into winter, what do you do to stay motivated?   In winter I always plan something exciting.   It’s good to have something to look forward to.  Your mood lifts as you plan it, anticipate it, talk about it to others and count down the “sleeps” until it actually happens.  It doesn’t have to a big, expensive experience and it does have to be something that excites you – a weekend trip, a day at a spa, a girls/boys night out, a sporting event – anything that really pushes your buttons!

As much as we would like to, we can’t change the seasons, nor the weather, what we can do is look for things to appreciate in Winter and adjust our attitude to ward off those winter blues

  1. Winter is a “excuse” to stay in, relax and keep warm, dry and cosy.
  2. Winter is a great time to take care of all those “little” things that we put off over summer 
  3. Winter is a great time to get planning, get organized.

Of course, the obvious thing to appreciate about winter is obvious, “If it weren’t for Winter, we wouldn’t appreciate Summer as much.”

What do you love about winter?

What exciting things do you have planned?

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