24 Apr

323 Truly Important


Whether you realize it or not, the decisions you make daily in your career and your business are greatly influenced by what you value — your beliefs, your attitudes and ideas you think are important.

Time today to remind ourselves what is truly important in life:

  • Family is forever, even when you no longer live together, love is the forever constant.
  • Friends are your ‘chosen family’, old and new, to always be treasured.
  • Acquaintances in business are many, your ‘inner circle’, who share your values and hold you accountable, are rare.
  • Grudges and regrets are never worth it nor is the negative energy you waste on them.
  • Money creates freedom and choice, remember though, it does not guarantee happiness.
  • Relationships in love, family or friends, lost in the pursuit of fortune, the cost is too high, money can never buy them back.
  • Maturity, logic and emotion, there’s a healthy balance to be found called Emotional Intelligence. Get smart about it.
  • Sleep, diet and exercise matter, I hate to admit it!

If you’re clear on what you truly value, it will help you

  1. be clear on your priorities in both business and life,
  2. know when to say yes or no to things and people
  3. maintain “balance” and
  4. check that you are creating a lifestyle that is aligned to what you truly want and what you truly believe is important.

Today, enjoy time out and celebrate your freedom to choose.

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