25 Apr

324 Impact

No one is perfect – we all have our little quirks and different ways of doing things, yet everything we do and say impacts others and vice versa.

Think for a moment, about that someone that you know who doesn’t like sharing.  The family member who, at every family get together, knows everything about everyone.  The friend who believes that they are always right and the rest of the world is wrong.  The team member who has no idea of how negative and toxic their daily conversation is.

I’m sure we will all know someone who has a certain way about them!  Yet when was the last time you checked the impact your way of doing things, has on others?  How well do you know yourself?  How self aware are you?

Check it for yourself by answering the following questions:

1.  Do you listen to others during a conversation?  Or, do you tend to be the one doing all the talking?

2.  Do you ask others how they feel about situations?  Or, do you create your own assumptions based on your own feelings?

3.  Do you think about how your actions affect others?  Or, are you confident that others are fine with how you handle situations?

4.  Are you aware of other people’s social cues?  Or, do you focus on your own?

5.  Can you admit when you are wrong – do you apologize when you are?  Or, do you tend to think that things go bad, because of others?

Self-awareness is one of the best and most valuable qualities you can have.  Self-awareness can empower you and transform your relationships and lives.   On the other hand, failure to be aware and face reality can destroy your career and business opportunities and ruin your relationships and life.

Do you know those who are not self aware?

How do they make you feel?

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