26 Apr

325 Security

Having been self-employed for most of my adult life I am biased towards entrepreneurship, owning your own business.

  • It gives me control.
  • It affords me a certain freedom and,
  • Most of the time I enjoy the challenges it provides.

Even now, being ’employed’ in a new country, my eyes and ears remain attuned to the opportunities that surround as we extend our networks and mix with other likeminded people from all walks of life.

And, that doesn’t mean that I think everyone should be an entrepreneur, not everyone is suited to be a business owner.  It’s just that in changing times, when times are tough, when things may seem a little uncertain, you’ve got to get creative.  It’s a fact, no matter who you are or what you do, no one is responsible for your results or your success, but YOU.

And, with many I talk to, from all around the globe, it seems:

  • There is a whole lot of talk around employment or the lack of it.
  • Many are searching for new careers and opportunities.
  • Others, are becoming fearful of leaving their jobs for fear of not being able to secure another one in such a dynamic, changing environment.

What to do?  Where to look?   Look to yourself.  You are your best security.  Instead of looking to or relying on others, for the answers – trust yourself.   It’s a matter of changing the way you interpret events and then taking action to change your circumstances.  By doing so you will find your own way out of any recession, downturn or external event.

  • Daunting – TOTALLY
  • Doable – TOTALLY

The first step is all about mindset

Trust yourself to make changes for the better

Surround yourself with other likeminded, positive people for inspiration

Open up your mind to opportunities

Have someone hold you accountable

Take action

Being able to take control of your career, your business and your life is a far less risky option than trusting someone else to look after you.

What can you do today, to create a different tomorrow?

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