27 Apr

326 Positive Possibilities

Look closely – today is an awesome day.

For many it’s been a short week, a time for reflection and the weekend is here already.  Every day has bright spots and today is no exception.  Today, give your attention, your thoughts and your efforts to those bright spots, and guess what the outcome will be?   Those bright spots, no matter how small they may start, they will grow even brighter.

Circumstances may not be perfect and yet, acknowledging that life will always be rich and complicated, ever-changing and coming at you from every direction, provides a new perspective.   The bright spot in every circumstance is that you have control and you will always have the opportunity to make the most of anything thrown at you.

It will be up to you to

1.  acknowledge the bright spots

2.  grab them before you lose them

3.  then nurture them to greater proportions.

So in the midst of all the noise and confusion, in every moment you have this weekend and in every situation that presents, instead of seeing problems, see positive possibilities.  Focus your energy on the good and valuable things you can do today, right now and the best of those possibilities will become reality.

What about you?

What are your bright spots this weekend?

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