02 May

 331 Enough

It has been confirmed for me, around the world we have the same hangups, maybe wrapped in different wrapping yet, underneath we’re all the same.  So today, ENOUGH.

Whether you are male or female, young or old, regardless of race or color YOU ARE ENOUGH PLUS MORE!  You are:

  • Attractive enough.
  • Smart enough.
  • Talented enough.
  • Courageous enough.
  • Strong enough.
  • Good enough.


It doesn’t matter how good you are.  It doesn’t matter how beautiful you are.  If you believe that you’re not good enough, no one can tell you otherwise.   So, pay attention (and don’t over-think it) when I tell you that you are ……. ENOUGH!

  • Yes, people may label you, judge you and treat you as not enough, that’s just what some people do to feel safer in themselves.
  • There may also be those who want you to believe you’re not enough, because that’s how they endeavor to control, manipulate and/or defeat you.
  • Others simply don’t want you to be empowered, confident or courageous. It scares them. They don’t want you to think, create, choose or learn for yourself.

That’s just what some people do.  So who will you pay attention to?  Believe me, if I allowed other people’s opinions of me to determine my self worth, whether I am good enough – I would never be good enough, I would never say anything, do anything, create anything or achieve anything.

So, if you relate to this message:

  1. Question yourself, why do you think you’re not good enough?
  2. Challenge the proof you have, get specific, how solid is your proof?
  3. Try a new story, just for fun, stand up and tell yourself I AM ENOUGH!

Break the chain – give it a go today


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