08 May

336 Expanding Mind

An expanding mind, what an awesome thought.

No, not a “larger” brain, not a continually growing brain.  Instead, imagine a more active brain with increased connections, one that facilitates more memory, creative thinking, new ideas and retrieves information faster. Today, four tips for expanding your mind, four that I enjoy doing that I know are beneficial in more ways than one:

Reading – the benefits of reading are endless.  I miss “real” books and being practical I am loving Kindle, allowing me to have a traveling library for both business and leisure reading.   Reading is an incredible source to educate yourself, keep your mind sharp and increase your awareness.  It also provides you a diverse range of topics to communicate to others the whole world over.

Relaxing – the brain reacts positively to being in a relaxed state of being. I am learning (slowly) that taking time out to relax your mind and reflect can refresh and reduce stress following periods of high activity and thinking.  It’s kind of like doing a reboot when you’ve had too many programs running on a computer.  No matter where I am in the world I love to find a quiet place to be one with yourself on a regular basis.

Energizing– hooked on walking, it not only clears your mind, it boosts your energy levels, you see the world from different perspective AND you get to exercise.  There are so many options out there, Tai Chi, Yoga, Kick Boxing, keeping physically and mentally fit in one hit, you can’t lose.

Challenging – I kid myself often about how wonderful it would be to just do nothing and it’s not long before my brain is crying out for something to do.  To relax I often do crosswords, sudoku and puzzles and yes my kids think I’m weird.  Your brain loves to be exercised, give it a challenge, expand its capabilities.

Our minds are amazing.  Our brain learns and grows by interacting with the world through perception and action.  Our brain continually adapts and rewires itself.  All we have to do is use it.

So this week, take time to expand your mind.

Because the message is clear, use it or lose it.

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