09 May

337 Opinions

We all have our opinions and we are entitled to them both naturally and in our little corner of the world, legally.  I am more thankful every day that I have been brought up in an environment that has me seek to have an opinion of my own and an ability to express it appropriately.

Unfortunately, when it comes to opinions

  • Many see their opinions as fact.
  • Some voice opinions that are not their own.
  • While others sit on the fence without offering any opinion.

Opinions are not fact.   Often an opinion will be given as fact.  Opinions are not facts and should not be presented as such.  As long as you have thought critically about your opinions they can be serve as useful guides while facts are substantiated details that can be relied upon objectively.

Unfortunately, finding the facts is not as easy as it seems, which means that you need to read more broadly than simply looking to one or two experts in any field.   It’s important to study varied perspectives, from a range of sources both “expert” and “general” in order to get a more balanced view.

Borrowed opinions.   Maybe due to laziness or simply a lack of caring, opinions are adopted because the issue is not personally important enough for you to make the effort to think independently.  Many are completely unaware that the opinions they hold have been taken on board, ready made, with no individual thought or enquiry.

No opinion.   In other words, I don’t know or I don’t care – or a bit of both.  Fear.  Lack of confidence.  Uninformed.  Disinterested.  Bored.  Impatience.  Not wanting to offend or disagree with others.

For me I believe you will always have an opinion, no matter how misguided or ill informed it may be.  Having your opinion is what makes you your own person.  Yet, that doesn’t mean we have the right to force our opinion on to others.  We should always respect another’s right to have their own opinion.  Neither does it mean your opinion must remain set in stone.

Be smart about how, when and with whom, you choose to voice your opinion.

What’s your opinion?

How opinionated are you?

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