10 May

338 Openness

Saying what you mean, directly and plainly, isn’t a skill that comes naturally for many of us and, it is a skill that anybody can develop and master.

  • Often people express what they think, but they beat around the bush, taking so long to say what they want to say.
  • Some, don’t express their needs or desires at all to others and keep everything inside.
  • Others, pretend nothing is wrong or even worse, resort to passive aggressive tactics that leave everyone feeling frustrated and misunderstood.

So why do you find it so hard to be direct and honest up front?   The number one reason I hear for not being direct and upfront, is that people want to avoid conflict, not create waves.  Many believe that by being direct, they will

  • upset other people
  • appear selfish or arrogant
  • inconvenience others
  • and generally, not be liked.

Now, I’m told I can be rather direct.  I know I prefer people just say what they mean and mean what they say.   Yet, trying to figure out what someone is trying to say when they’re beating around the bush can be confusing, trying to interpret their true meaning can be exhausting.

Being direct is, for most matters, the best way to interact AND it doesn’t give license to be self-centred, mean and nasty.   It means knowing where the fine line is between assertive and aggressive and learning how to balance on it.

The key is threefold, honesty, respect and tact.

Combining these three with directness, your assertiveness improves, your conversations will take on whole new meaning, so will your productivity and efficiency whether in your career, your business or your relationships with others.  And the choice is yours!

How direct are you when communicating with others?

How direct do you want others to be with you?

Give it to me straight.  No upset.  No drama.

Direct and Upfront – give it a go.

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