11 May

339 Change

Why do we fear change when change is one of the major constants in our lives.  Think about it, first you crawled, you walked, you ran, all requiring change.  You gurgled and goo’ed, you talked, your vocabulary grew, you asked questions and began to hold a conversation.  All different stages requiring change.

Step it up just a “few years” and look at where you are today.  Your life experiences has been broadened with every new effort you make, interaction you have and every failure or success you have experienced.  I can pretty much bet on the fact that over the years, your values, behaviors and dreams have all changed.  Lifes transitions are generally positive even if they don’t feel like it.

So if you are in the midst of change, five hints to help you deal with it:

  • People don’t fear change, people fear what change will or won’t bring.  Get honest with yourself and figure out what your fears or worries really are.
  • Reframe the way you think about change.  There is always a choice, welcome change as an opportunity or hate it.  You can thrive on change and the challenges change brings – it all depends on your perspective.
  • Not every part of your life will be exciting, and you can still take time to admire the surroundings.  Opening your eyes to the world around you allows you less time to spend focusing on any worries you may have.
  • No one’s life is free from change, and you wouldn’t like it if it was.  So dig a little deeper and find benefit somewhere in the change, if not short term, focus on long term.  Change brings new experiences, new lessons, new directions, new strengths.
  • Celebrate your successes, small or large.

We are all on a journey we call life, and change is part of the process.

What change are you dealing with right now?

What change do you want to make?

What can you do to relieve the stress and reduce the fear?

Just one thing can make all the difference.

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