18 May

A great quote that I refer to a lot is by Dr Wayne Dyer: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

I think it’s safe to say that anything and everything in life can be explained as a bad or good.  For example:

  • If someone gives you a bottle of perfume, it can be because you are friends OR because you smell.
  • If someone gives you exquisite chocolates, of course they want to make you fat, there is no other explanation.
  • If someone gives you a different point of view, they are saying they are better than you, that you are wrong and they don’t really like you.

And the thrilling thing about all of this is that you have the power to think whatever you want, “the choice is yours to choose”.  

The choice is yours to choose.  The trick in today’s world is to persistently pick the most positive explanation and tell yourself that (preferably out loud) and make up (realistic) reasons that the positive explanation is the correct one.

So here’s a thought if you are felling a little down, to stop the downward spiral of negative thinking that can sometimes take hold – recalibrate your reality.

Most refuse to ever challenge their perceptions about life.  And, when you get locked into a view of the world you get stuck, you get stuck in routines, you create your own habits, you lose sight of different viewpoints.  Recalibrating you view can introduce new ideas, have you thinking about a range of options, to help you solve problems, win arguments and maybe even be happier.  But how do we actually do it?  CHANGE

1.  Your Story

2.  Your Perception

3.  Your Life

And, it begins with a decision – decide now to be in charge of your own perception of reality.  If you don’t, you open yourself wide to others who will take delight in crafting a perception for you.

Life is all about perception. It’s your perceptions that creates your reality whether you’re perception is right or wrong and most .

What do you see today?

Are you happy with the view or would you like to change it?

The choice is yours.


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