20 May

347 Hot or Cold

Remember when you were a child and you would have treasure hunts (you may have played this game as Easter Egg hunts).  You run around the house and when you get close to a treat or a hidden egg, your mother would shout to you “getting warmer” “getting hotter”  “you’re on fire” “you’re sizzling” and then as you move away from the spot she’d let you know “you’re getting colder” “you’re cold” “you’re freezing”.

Sometimes life can feel like this.  Somedays you’re on track, you’re smoking it and it feels like you have accomplished something.  Then there are those other days that just seem like a waste of space.  Days, you look back on and think what the heck did I do all day, I accomplished nothing!

Your life is the product of your choices.  Not the big choices you make every so often, but  those moment to moment choices, the little choices you make every day.  Sometimes you can lose track of the fact that it is the choices you make create the reality of your day.

So, on a moment to moment basis you need to keep in mind your ultimate goal.  Every choice, every decision you make in the moment will take you either closer, get you warmer or take you away, get you frozen – to your ultimate goal.  For every choice or decision you make, ask yourself:

  • What do I really want to achieve?
  • Will it take me closer to my ultimate goal?

Right down to the littlest choices you make:

  • the way you react,
  • the words you choose,
  • the thoughts you have.

Always ask yourself these two questions.

Because the quality of your day, the outcome of your day will be the result of every moment by moment choice you take, which means you have incredible power to change your day, your week, your life by simply changing your choices.  Step by step.  Day by day.

Losing is a habit.  So is winning.

Which will you choose?

Are you getting hotter or colder?

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