21 May

348 Our Mind

According to the Law of Attraction what you focus on is what you get.  What you focus on is what you create.   This is backed up worldwide with guru’s of personal development and empowerment telling you that the key to success is focus.  The message is clear,

  • you can do anything you want to do,
  • be anything you want to be and
  • go wherever you want to go.

All you need is confidence in yourself and the ability to focus.

  • Where your focus goes, so goes your life.
  • Where you focus, energy follows.

And it all begins in your mind.

Compare your mind to an empty glass.  Often we talk about the cup half full, cup half empty analogy, today imagine the glass completely empty.

  • An empty glass will hold anything you put in it, coke, milk, cyanide or fine wine.
  • The glass makes no judgement about the contents
  • Neither does it discriminate.

Just like a glass, your mind too, holds whatever you put in it, it carries no judgement, neither does it discriminate, it is simply the container!

If you put dirty water in your glass, the only thing that will come out of it will be cloudy and dirty – junk in, junk out!

So too with your mind, what you allow yourself to see, hear and take in from your surroundings will be what feeds your mind all day long.  If you fill your mind with “dirty water”, your thinking, your expectations and your outcomes will also be “dirty”.

What do you do with a dirty glass?   You rinse it out under the tap and fill it with clean, clear water.

How on earth do we rinse out your mind?   By being more deliberate about what you feed your mind.   By focusing on what goes in – clean clear water.

  1. Your diet – protect your mind with a vengeance, focus attention on positive, inspirational information, on ideas that will have you grow as a person, build better relationships and create a successful business or career.
  2. Your environment – create an environment that supports you in your goals, read more, turn off the TV, learn something new.
  3. Your association –  surround yourself with those who focus on what’s good, positive and right in the world.

Garbage in. Garbage out.

Clean water in. Optimal results out.

It’s your choice.

What are you doing daily to fill your mind with “clean water”?

What “dirty water” sources, do you know you need to eliminate?

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