22 May

349 You are your habits

June is nearly upon us which means we are nearly half way through the year.  Thinking back on the goals you set for 2013, how are they tracking or have they totally disappeared from your radar with the fall of winter snow?

A great check if you are not achieving all you wanted to achieve, is to make a list of the bad habits that might be sabotaging yor productivity in each area.   Identifying what habits and behaviors are hindering you in achieving your goals.

Why?  Because habits and behaviors never lie.  And, if there is a discrepancy between what you say and what you do, you want to focus in on what you are doing.  Think about it.

  • If you’re telling me you’re eating healthy and there’s melted chocolate on your shirt.  I’m believing the chocolate trace any day.
  • If you say you’re a dedicated professional and you show up late and unprepared for client meetings.  Your behavior tells everyone concerned how important their business really is to you.
  • If you committed to improving yourself and you spend more time surfing the net or watching the news than studying, listening to improvement CD’s etc.  I’m going to take it that improving yourself is not a top priority
  • If you want to spend more time with your family and you have no time in your calendar blocked out specifically for family time.  It’s nothing more than words.

Grab a pad and paper and list the bad habits standing in your way.  Be honest, look at where you are heading and where improvement can be made.  Make a list.

Turn the page and add the habits you need to adopt and practice.  Be clear, what habits are shining through for you as you strive to achieve your goals?  Write them down.

This is the truth about who you are and who you need to be to reach your goals.  Fantastic.  Why?   Because you now have the choice, to change your habits, or not.

Achieving your goals is dependent on your habits and behavior, so be brutally honest and ask yourself:

What habits do I need to kick?

What habits do I need to adopt or resurrect?

Make the choice, change your reality.

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