23 May

350 U turn required

I used to get so upset when I was going somewhere and made a wrong turn or missed an exit.  And a long time ago, I realized that making a directional error is no big deal really, yes it can get us frustrated (wow did I get frustrated) and have us waste a whole lot of time and yet the truth of the matter is that we can always just do a U turn and turn around.

Life’s can be the same.  Think for a minute how often have you found yourself

  • heading in the wrong direction
  • unknowingly taking a wrong turn
  • in a place or situation where you don’t want to be.

The great thing about it is that it doesn’t need to be the end of the world.

  • You are not stuck.
  • You do not have to keep going in the same direction if it’s no longer the way you want to go.
  • You have a range of options available to you.

Think about it, you have that gut feeling that you’re heading in the wrong direction or you have arrived and it just doesn’t feel like you thought it would.  The great thing is you have choices, you can always:

1.  turn around, sometimes with a little maneuvering.  

2.  grab a map and check out your options, turn left, right, 180 degrees.  

3.  pull off the road and ask for directions.

And sometimes on life’s road, it’s not always that easy.  Often we go on autopilot and miss the warning signs. We blind ourselves to the obvious suggesting we’ll turn around at the next stop.  Admitting we are heading down the wrong road can go against the grain for many of us.

Airline pilots, do not just get into a plane and fly a straight line to where they are going.  For much of the time the plane is off course.  What gets them to their destination is constantly correcting, adjusting, and checking their position and flight plan.

We, too, must constantly making corrections and adjustments. The problem is if we are not aware, we can get way off course before we notice.  So think about your day today.

Are you clear on where you are heading?

Are you aware of the road in front of you and turns to take up ahead?

Or do you need to pull over, check your position and make a U turn?

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