24 May

351 Live Life

What do you want to do with your life?  How badly do you want it?  When do you want to do it?

Three questions I always ask when talking with those looking to achieve something new, something different, something better in their lives.  Most often I get excuses about why they cannot have what they want or do what they want to do.  While others have the idea that their life will be better once they have a better job, when they have more money, when the kids have moved out.

So many are simply waiting to start living their lives fully.  I used to think like that too.  And, here’s a thought, stop waiting and start now!

I believe that the best time to do what you want to do is right now.

  • Now is the best time because it is the only time we have. So many people I know have waited to live their lives only to have something preempt their plans. 
  • Learn from others and don’t wait to start creating the life you want today.  If you are waiting for the right time to follow your dream, will you be able to when that time comes?
  • Nothing in this world can guarantee that tomorrow will come.

Don’t wait for retirement, for the money, for the house and the car, or for the right time, to start living.  Look for a way to work in what you want to do into your life right now and create a plan for how you will do more in the future. This way you will be living now and creating an exciting future at the same time.

If you don’t live your life now, when will you start?

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