25 May

352 Find time change habits

Many people tell me in one breathe that they want to achieve more, be more productive, spend more time with their family, and yet in the next breathe they tell me they just don’t have the time.  For so many, there just never seems to be enough time.

So, here’s a hint, next time you hear yourself say, “I would so love to do that and I just don’t have the time”.  Stop, AND evaluate your reality.

To be specific, evaluate your entertainment v. education ratio.

Entertainment – the usual suspects, television, movies, internet surfing, reading the newspaper, chatting with friends, “flicking” through gossip magazines etc. 

Education – personal development, exercise, business training, career coaching, any time you spent bettering yourself or learning something new.

Track it, over the course of a week, track how many minutes you spend each day on entertainment or education.

Think about it now, what do you think your ratio will be?  Will the 80/20 rule apply?  Which one is 80%?  Which one is 20%?  The answer will be different for all of us, yet you can be sure we have all acquired habits that have us emerged daily in mind cluttering, time-sucking and energy wasting activities.

So if we know the answer, why track it?  It will make it more real and instantly highlight areas you can change, or not.   Once an area is highlighted, one simple change in your habits, one change to your entertainment v. education ratio, can lead to one giant leap forward in productivity and achievement.  It will boost your confidence to do even more with the time you save.

  • Do you want to spend more time with your family?
  • Are you looking for time to exercise every day?
  • How is your business planning going?

Find the time.  Evaluate your entertainment v. education ratio.   It’s a new week, go on give it a go.

After all, what have you got to lose?

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