27 May

354 Off track

Life not working out how you planned?  Have you hit a road bump of gynormous size?  It happens to all of us.

And, when it does happen, when your relationships, career, business or life seem to be heading off track, it can be so easy to blame other people and circumstances for why we are not doing what we want to be doing.   There will always be a long list of reasons why, a whole bucket full of excuses.

Whether creating a new pathway or getting back on track, the key to success is taking ownership for your own individual journey.  No excuses.

  • If you really want to return to school to complete your degree, there is only one person that can make that happen.
  • If you really want to create a business, there is only one person who can take that first step and start planning.
  • If you really want to get onto the property ladder, there is only one person who can make that purchase.

And, if you are waiting for that “right time” or that “perfect moment” to do what you want to do, it will never happen.  There is no such “moment”.   If you want it then it’s up to you to:

1.  Choose the time.

2.  Take ownership and create a plan.

3.  Take action.

If you aren’t where you want to be, instead of heading straight to that bucket full of excuses or long list of reasons why, look in the mirror.  Ask yourself, why you are where you are today?  Ask yourself, what’s really standing in your way?  Believe me, these are not the easiest questions to answer!  It is so much easier to go with the excuses and blame circumstances.  Neither are as productive as confronting yourself, asking yourself the questions and honestly reflecting on your answers.

Can you read the warning signs?

Where are you off course, right now?

If you’re off course in one area of your life, it may have a domino effect and topple over into other areas.  Stop the chain reaction now and get back on track.

Only you have the answers – YOU are the key.

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