29 May

357 Your Choice

As the end of my 365day challenge – Creating Choice Daily looms, key areas stand out for me.

Top ten phrases that focus on areas I believe are essential for productive, happy and successful careers, businesses, relationships and lives.  Each have us taking control and creating choice on a daily basis.

See what you think – what would you add?

1.  Opportunity: Seize every day in a lifetime of opportunities.

2.  Adventure: Explore life, embrace new challenges and every now create a little chaos and live life on the edge.

3.  Love: Know when to take time for yourself and when to make time for others, share and express love while you can..

4.  Laugh: Fun and laughter, laugh out-loud, every day.

5.  Presence: Learn from the past, plan for the future, be present in every moment with whomever you are with (including yourself).

6.  Courage: To be YOU, nobody else but YOU.

7.  Accountability: No excuses, no blame.  Your response-ability, your choice 100%.

8.  Challenge: Let go of the negative, past failures and anything that holds you back.

9.  Confident: Seek help, listen to advice, ask questions, make your own choices.

10.  Persist: – Never give up on your dreams, no matter who you are, how old you are, what’s in your past or where you might be, right now, today.

Happiness and success.  What they are?  What they look like?  That depends on you.

Your happiness and success will be created by the choices you make daily.

You are the artist.  You are the Creator.  You are in control.

The choice is yours.

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