01 Jun

361 Childrens Day

Today in China children are celebrated, the streets and the malls are overflowing with laughing, excited, enthusiastic children being treated to dinner, movies, toys and snacks.  The laughter and noise is lovely to hear.

Although it may have been a while ago, we were all children once and hearing their childish bantering (even in another language, brought a smile to my face.  This occasion in China is considered equivalent to Christmas. It is seen as a time to enjoy, make fun and be merry as a family.  The Chinese consider children to be the future custodians of the country.

Having never heard of Children’s Day in New Zealand, imagine my surprise when I jumped on line to find Children’s Day in NZ is tomorrow,  Sunday 3 March 2013.  The theme for Children’s Day down-under is  – ‘Treasure our Children’.

Bringing up children can be so very rewarding (something I can say at this end of my tour of duty) and yet, it is a job that comes with no manual.  Sometimes we lose sight of the treasure we have in our children, putting work, life’s pressures and problems first in line for our attention, resources and energies.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyday we all celebrate Children’s Day.

Today and every day treasure a child, your child, your children.  Let them know love and belonging from within.

After all, it all comes down to choice.

What will you choose?

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