03 Jun

360 Conscious Choice

Often you can get so caught up in waiting for the perfect time to make a choice, to take action, that you end up living your entire life, waiting.

“As the realist and the optimist are in a discussion over the glass of water being half full or half empty, the glass gets emptied with a note attached “while you two were arguing over the water I drank it” signed the opportunist.

Making choices, taking action can be scary, yet successful people are those who make better choices than those less successful in life.  While we may make choices differently,

  • if you are clear about where you want to go,
  • you will begin to see the choices you need to make in order to get there,
  • see the action you need to take to achieve success.

And what works for most of us is making small, conscious choices each and every day about how to spend your time, your effort and your money.  These choices will accumulate over time and create sustainable change in your life.  Ask the experts…..

Using Mark Zuckerberg as an example Seth Godin wrote:  ”Mark is successful because of a million small choices, not because he, and he alone, has some magical properties.”

Of course to create change and make a conscious choice you need to

  • do your homework
  • look at all of the options
  • make more good choices than bad
  • and take action.

Initially the choices you make may be small and with practice your comfort with making choices and taking action grows, fears about bigger changes, bigger choices, fades making all things seem not only possible but totally achievable.

Always remember if you make a mistake, you can simply pick yourself up and choose something else. The fact that you made the choice and took action, will have you one choice closer, one step closer to success.

The beauty of making conscious choices each and every day is that:

1.  Anyone can do it – small, meaningful choices

2.  It’s low risk – you can always alter your course along the way

3.  ROI is significant – seemingly small choices can create big change.

Success, whatever your definition, comes from conscious choice and action.

What choice will you make today?

What action will you take today?

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