05 Jun

364 Open Mind

How open minded are you?   So many profess to be open-minded, when in reality they are only “open” to things that they already know and like.

Why?  Because we are all brought up with a set of beliefs and values that we cultivate through our life.  We tend to gravitate towards and surround ourselves with those who share the same values and beliefs.  So, when confronted with change, with ideas that challenge our thinking, with new ways of doing things, it can be difficult and frustrating.  While we may want to be open minded, we may struggle with the actual “reality” of it.   And to clarify exactly what we are talking about here …..

Being open minded means:

  • looking at things a little differently, to see what else may be out there.
  • you consider other ideas or options that you may not have normally thought about.
  • that you are open to all possibilities.

It does not mean you:

  • try everything that’s going,
  • compromise your ethics and values, and
  • become “so open minded that your brains fall out”.

I think I’m a fairly open-minded person, and, like most people, I have some rather strong views about certain topics.  I believe, no matter who we are, we should all stay true to what we believe in AND I don’t believe having strong beliefs necessarily means you are closed mind.  And to remain open minded, is not an easy thing to do, but, it is a necessary, and it is important.


1.   It helps us avoid the situation where what we know, or think we know, prevents us from learning.

2.   It can heighten our awareness to change that may be going on around us and help us recognize that fresh ideas and a new approach may be required.

3.   It means we will never become one of “those” people who cannot be told, because, they don’t want to know, they think they already know or they can’t believe that they wouldn’t know anything worth knowing.

4.   It involves listening and paying attention to others, the foundation of tolerance and respect.

So, how open minded are you?

Listen to yourself.  How often do you hear yourself say:

  • “I could never do that.”
  • “That’s just not me.”
  • “Why would I do that?”
  • “I won’t even consider it.”
  • “That’s not what I was looking for.”

Food for thought?

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