06 Jun

365 Theory or Reality

How many times, when it comes to change, have you been told to think before you act?  Often this is wise advise.  On the other hand, it can also have you run head first into trouble when you think to much, so much so, that you lose momentum and fail to act.

If only thinking was doing.

How often have you been inspired or motivated with a clear intention to make changes, only to have your enthusiasm quashed by fear, apathy or procrastination when it came to the crunch?

If only intentions were actions.

When was the last time, you created your plan for change with clear goals in mind, only to get caught back up in day to day affairs, sidetracked by other priorities.

If only goals were results.

In a world striving for more, we are all enamored with the idea, drawn to the theory of change.  Yet it seems when it comes to the crunch, we are highly resistant to the reality of change, the practical process of change.

If only life was a theory.

When it comes to taking our dreams and our goals and turning them into reality, turning them into results, the simple truth is that many of us keep doing what doesn’t work because we’re just not prepared to get uncomfortable enough for long enough.

We keep searching for the easy road, the magic pill, the quick fix, the shortcut.  We become trapped in a cycle that we “know” is unproductive and unfulfilling but it’s a comfortable trap, it’s a familiar trap.  And in the end, the choice is yours.  What will it be for you?

  • Thinking or …. doing?
  • Intentions or …. actions?
  • Goals or …. results?
  • Theory or …. reality?
  • Comfort or …. change?

Food for thought.

Are you up for change?

Are you up to the challenge?  Really?

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