07 Jun

366 Truth or lies

Two truths and a lie – an icebreaker used the world over in team development and training sessions.  The results can be hilarious as you see who has a creative mind and who hasn’t, who can mask a lie and who can’t, who is a great liar and who is not.

These lies are a bit of imaginative fun and harmless to all around but what about other lies we tell ourselves?  Here are some I hear regularly, some I even hear myself saying:

  • I have no choice
  • I’m just not strong enough to change.
  • I’ve tried that before and it never works.
  • I’ll never get our of debt.
  • There’s no way to change my life.
  • I am just so busy, I just don’t have the time
  • I’ll never be able to find the job I love.

All of these are simply stories we have created that we tell ourselves over and over again.  We say them so often, they begin to feel true, our minds accept them as real and we embrace them as part of us.   And, it is often these “small” lies, these stories we tell ourselves, that keep us stuck and stop us from achieving the success in life we deserve.

So, if you are really wanting to change, get healthier, start that business, take control of your life then the first thing you need to do is look at the stories you are telling yourself and others.  Step back and ask yourself the tough questions

  • Are you really broke of is it that you choose to spend money on things you don’t need?
  • Are you weight issues really because you have a slow metabolism or because you have created unhealthy eating patterns?
  • Do you struggle with relationships because people just don’t understand you or are you just difficult to get along with?
  • Do you really have no time or are you wasting it watching mindless TV or surfing the net?

Ask yourself the tough questions or better yet, get a coach.  A coach is great at digging deeper, asking those tough questions that make you feel uncomfortable, that you really don’t want to answer.

  • Create short term discomfort for yourself
  • Face up to the facts
  • Be honest with yourself about what is true, what is real.

If you really want things to change, if you really want to get “unstuck” then the first thing we need to do is be honest about yourself, with yourself, because change always starts with self.

How aware are you of your truth?

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