DAY 365

09 Jun

365 Surrounded by Choice

365days – Creating Choice Daily

For post 365, a quote that makes me smile every day.  I found this on a wall in a cafe in Bulls a couple of years ago, I wrote it down and carry it with me in my phone for when I need a kick up the bum.

Life isn’t about dawdling to the grave,

arriving safely in an attractive wrinkle free body,

rather, it’s an adventure that ends skidding in sideways,

champagne in one hand,

strawberries in the other,

body thoroughly used up,

totally worn out,

screaming YEEHAA WHAT A RIDE …..

Mavis Leyrer @ 83 years of age.

Can you imagine it?  I can, clearly!  And we all have the choice – the reason I began 365days – to remind myself that we always have a choice.

So, choose the life you live.  Live the life you choose.

Create choice daily – everyday YEEHAAA WHAT A RIDE!

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