05 Jul

400 From Downunder

As we await our boarding call, I realize how awesome it has been to be back on “home turf” with family and friends, catching up with colleagues and creating new connections.  So many to catch up with, so little time!

Everyone has asked what it is that we have missed the most being away from “home”?  It’s an easy question to answer.   It’s the simple things.  The simple things we take for granted “downunder” …

  • vibrant colors that surround us
  • fresh air that literally blows us away and
  • familiar clean fragrances that tell us we are home!

The past six months have definitely had their ups and downs and …. recalling them for everyone at home, has had us realize how quickly we as humans, can adapt to different environments.  How quickly we can adapt to a new culture, to a new way of living.

Of course, there are risks and there are challenges, the distance (over 9600kms) can occasionally feel enormous.  AND the difference it can make to your life when you actively seek out new ways of doing things, when you allow yourself to take that first step into the unknown, can be priceless.

It’s not about where you live, it’s about your mindset, it’s about

  • being open minded and adventurous,
  • continuing to be curious and
  • having a whole lot of fun no matter where you live, no matter what your circumstances.

It’s all about being present in the moment, being sincere and authentic with those we meet and in being true to who we are.  The rewards?  Those that have stood out to me on our trip “home”.

  • it creates a new perspective around your relationships with those you love, with those you miss everyday, a new awareness of how important people are to our lives.
  • it creates in you a greater thirst to learn new things, make new friends and explore new places.
  • it creates in you an ultimate drive to share your story and inspire others to try new things, take that step into the unknown, to feel the fear and do it anyway! 

We’re nobody special believe me – if we can do it, anyone can do it, it’s a simple choice we make.

Go on, what will you do differently today, tomorrow, this week, this weekend?

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  1. amanderson

    July 8, 2013 at 1:04 am

    Thank you – love your site, great introduction to other great links, Cheers


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