26 Jul

402 No Neutral

Here’s a simple question for you… Are you moving forward? Or falling backward?

It’s a fact, life and time move forward, with or without us!   So the choice you have every day, is to let life pull you along and allow it to take you where ever it may lead OR take control and move your life forward, at your own pace; in the direction you choose.

Because, when it all comes down to it there are only two directions, forward OR backward.  There is no standing still.  Something I always remember being told (and I have no idea who by), we are all like salmon moving upstream.  You will never be pulled forward by the current, you have to swim.  If you stop swimming, the current will only take you back, while all others around continue moving forward.  There is no neutral.

Every minute counts!  Everything counts!  Everything you think. everything you do (don’t do), everything you say (don’t say).   Every choice you make, every action you take has the ability to move you one step closer to, or one step further from where you want to be.

So think about it, if you keep doing what you’re doing now, where do you see yourself in a year?  It’s now July, if you have not gained ground in the direction you want over the first seven months of this year… you’re losing ground.  And the good news is you have the next five months to make up the distance.

Check out your thoughts, your words, your actions, they will either: 

  • Compliment or criticize.
  • Please or disappoint.
  • Focus or distract.
  • Build up or tear down.
  • Turn on or turn off.
  • Add or subtract.
  • Move you forward or hold you back.

DON’T WAIT until the time is just right to take the first step towards whatever it is you want to achieve.

Believe me, the time will never be just right. Make the resolution to start where you are now and go for whatever matters most in your life. Where you end up five months from now, one year from now is entirely up to you.

Are you moving forward or backward?

The choice is yours!

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