01 Aug

403 Start Today

Are you looking for a new job?
Are you looking to get fit?
Do you want to start a new business?
Are you wanting better sales results?

So, what holds you back?  A common roadblock is how often we tell ourselves, “Not today, tomorrow” or “I’ll start on …..”.  Seriously?  If that sounds like you right now, stop procrastinating, stop putting it off.

Whatever it is you are wanting, TODAY – right now, is the best time you’ll ever have to take control of your life.

Why today?  Here’s ten reasons shared by Craig Harper, Motivational Speaker, that reminded me how important taking action today is:

  1. You’ll never have more time than you do right now.
  2. Most people procrastinate because of fear, not logic or reason.
  3. Unused potential is wasted potential.
  4. Planning, thinking and rationalizing, is not doing.  Life is not a theory.
  5. If you start today, a week from now you’ll be in the middle of a change process rather than talking about one.
  6. Taking action builds your emotional and psychological muscles.
  7. Transformation lives in the application of information, not the knowing.
  8. It won’t be magically easier to do a week or month from now.
  9. The ‘Opportunity Fairy’ isn’t coming any time soon, so you may need to create one of your own (an opportunity, not fairy).
  10. You’ve put it off for long enough.

Even if you don’t start 100% today, at least start part of it.

Put one piece of your plan into action today, lay the foundation to build on daily or weekly.  Start today with one positive action.

And the choice is yours.

What change are you going to start TODAY?

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