02 Sep

408 Tomorrow

What set’s successful people apart from unsuccessful people?

Successful people don’t sit at home and wait, wishing, hoping or longing for their lotto numbers to come up. Successful people get out and make things happen.

That’s the message to start the new week – DON’T wait for things to happen, take control, make the choice and make things happen!   Below is a short, sharp message that I heard years ago, a great reminder.

  • DON’T WAIT for time.  MAKE IT.
  • DON’T WAIT for love.  FEEL IT.
  • DON’T WAIT for money.  EARN IT.
  • DON’T WAIT for opportunity.  CREATE IT.
  • DON’T GO for less.  GET the BEST.
  • DON’T AVOID failure.  USE IT.
  • DON’T HIDE from fear.  FACE IT.
  • DON’T CLOSE your eyes.  OPEN your MIND.
  • DON’T RUN from life.  EMBRACE IT.

Stop waiting for things to happen.

Commit for the new week to get up, go out and make things happen, even small steps will get you closer than what you will get just sitting on the sofa waiting and waiting.

What have you been waiting for?  What steps can you take this week to make it happen?

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