17 Jan

455 Give Up.608

I love this quote, it rings so true in whatever situation we find ourselves – we only have three choices, “give up, give in, give it everything you’ve got”.

So a question for you today – where do you stand at the moment?   It’s a New Year, you’re refreshed, you’re ready to take on the world and yet in this post I want to focus you on giving up.  Strange I know and yet read on …

Spend a little time and focus on the things, that if you “give them up” will make your life a lot easier, more successful, a whole lot happier and give you heaps more energy to achieve your goals, your dreams for 2014.   Four big ones to start with ….

1.  Give up your need to always be right – So many of us just can’t stand the idea of being wrong. It’s a gut reaction, we want to be right – always!  Then think about the relationships damaged or lost, the stress and pain caused to both ourselves and to others, simply because of our ego’s, our inflated view of our own opinion. Honestly, it’s just not worth it – give it up!

2.  Give up your need for control – Okay I admit it, this is my biggie, I am addicted to control and I have learned and continue to learn that I do not always have to control everything that happens to me and surrounds me, situations, people, events.  I once read, “life is for living, not controlling”, it is so true.  Try it for a day, allow everything and everyone to be just as they are, see how much better it makes you feel. Go on, give it a go – give it up!

3.  Give up your limiting beliefs – you know you have them, about what you can or cannot do, about what is possible or impossible.  Do not allow your limiting beliefs keep you stuck.  A quote from the great believer Nelson Mandela, “it always seems impossible until it’s done”.  Give it up – spread your wings and fly!

4.  Give up living your life to other people’s expectations – I see so many people around the world, living a life that is not theirs, unconsciously living their lives around what others think is best for them. Over the years they have drowned out their own inner voice and are so busy keeping everybody else happy they have completely lost themselves, forgotten what makes them happy, what they enjoy, what they wanted out of life.  They have forgotten about themselves.  “Be the main character in the book of your life”.  Give it up – you only have one life, live it, own it.

I’m sure you get the idea and there are so many more…. So start today – give up those things that you are holding on to, things that are holding you back, things that do not serve you, embrace change and watch the New Year unfold.

It’s all about choice.

The choice is yours.

What have you got to lose?  Bring on 2014 …

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