01 Jul

502 Conformity.619 As much as we like to be our own individual self, we all conform to society in ways we probably don’t even recognize.

The fact is we are tribal creatures who ultimately have an inner drive to fit in. Usually it means simply going with the flow, keeping the peace and just doing what everyone else around us is doing.  But what about when it means we fail to listen to that little voice in our heads? When we become mindless followers and maybe find ourselves in situations when we hesitate or just don’t speak up in the face of a wrong?  When giving up our real selves we find we are becoming bitter and twisted?

It’s an interesting topic as conforming can also be a good thing, as in following the law or keeping our promises.

So what does conforming mean to you? When do you conform, and in what ways? When are you proud to conform, and when do you regret it?

Being here in China definitely provides a different perspective on the topic as conformity is more the norm, than not. And it is always good to remember that some of the most amazing people throughout history did not conform too much, Nelson Mandela always springs to mind on this subject and of course so many others (especially in business – too many to name).

So whatever we are doing, wherever we are always remember we are here to contribute to the world, and we can make a bigger difference when we are passionate and true to ourselves.  This I believe is true in every aspect of our life including business.

Be yourself and stand up for yourself, AND choose your battles wisely.

It’s always your choice.
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Checkout: Kiwis in China


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