*Success Coaching*  

I partner with people who have made the choice to do something different with their lives. I coach others to achieve success in all areas of life.

*Executive Coaching*  

I coach executives, entrepreneurs and leaders in presentation and speakership skills.  It’s about moving beyond PowerPoint and harnessing the power of presenting and public speaking to make a difference.

*Woman’s Leadership*  

I am passionate about coaching every day woman, from all walks of life, around the globe, to be extraordinary leaders.





*Dynamic Delivery*

In two days I can take you beyond Train the Trainer.  I guide you and provide you with the skills and resources you need to become a high-quality, dynamic trainer/facilitator.

*High Performance Coaching*

In an intensive two-day workshop I provide high performance coaching training for supervisors, managers and leaders of organizations; cutting-edge leadership and management development.

*Powerful Presentations*

In a  high impact two-day workshop you will learn hone your natural talents and learn valuable skills to create a message that is relevant and become not just a presenter, but an inspiring speaker.





*Global Connection*

I consult with individuals and companies who are looking for new opportunities in a new intercultural environment.  I am passionate about facilitating and helping people connect, communicate and develop intercultural business experiences globally focusing to date on USA – NZ – China.

I am also excited to be able to introduce people to China, to experience a new world and vice versa introduce Chinese people to NZ and Australia to the real world, to the real people.



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