Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Business Owners who want to:

  • Transition from Employee to Business Owner
  • Develop or extend business in China
  • Create new business partnerships/networks in a new country/culture
  • Position themselves and stand out from the competition
  • Become known as the market leader or consultant of choice

I have been in business now for over 30 years.  When I began there was no such thing as a business coach, you had your accountant who did “the books” and if required a lawyer, the rest was up to you.

Today it’s so very different, there is advice and advisors everywhere and I believe that success in business will come from your willingness to open up and ask for help when needed.

Why?  If you haven’t got the knowledge or experience of taking your career or your business to the next level it can make the whole experience fairly traumatic. This can result in the business staying where it is and doing what it has always done with you as the owner working longer hours, creating an adverse effect, putting you and your relationships under pressure.

Believe me, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Having survived the roller coaster of business I am passionate about helping others start, maintain and grow business and research and develop opportunities and partnerships outside of the box.
Request a complimentary half hour coaching session to discuss your requirements

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