I am passionate about continued learning and assisting others with the same passion to continue their learning long after they leave school.

I believe that weaving facilitation, training, coaching and delivery skills into your personal growth pathway is all about self-leadership and developing yourself as an expert in your chosen field.  Three global programs offered are: 

Dynamic Delivery.621





Dynamic Delivery takes you and/or your training team beyond “Train the Trainer”.

High Performance Workshop.620





High Performance Coaching training for supervisors, managers and leaders  of organizations.

Powerful Presentations.617





Powerful Presentations – no skill opens more doors, creates more visibility  or motivates more effectively.

All workshops and programs offered are fun, enlivening and challenging.  Expect in the two days to go through a range of emotions and at times be taken to the edge mentally, physically and emotionally.  

I have purposely created motivational, inspiring, rigorous training to make clear the level of skill, commitment, and integrity it takes to become an effective, top-notch facilitator, trainer, coach and powerful presenter.  

I also guarantee you will have a hell of a lot of fun, believe me this is not your normal, run of the mill training.

If this sounds like something you would like to learn more about, I need you first to ask yourself a couple of questions:

DO you want

  • to simply stay where you are now in your job?
  • to have an easy life with no waves?

ARE you afraid of

  • giving new things a go?
  • stepping out of your comfort zone?
  • your own vulnerability?

THEN STOP NOW, my training is NOT for you!  On the other hand …

IF you are not afraid of:

  • giving it everything you’ve got?
  • expending time and energy for your own development?
  • taking your comfort zone to the next level?

IF you want to:

  • engage and inspire those around you?
  • energize any topic or audience?
  • build your own credibility and self-confidence?

IF you are ready to:

  • invest in yourself and your future
  • position yourself as an expert
  • make time in your busy schedule

THEN my workshops and programs maybe for you!

And first, check out:

What others say about training with me.

The options you have.


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