Dynamic Delivery

High Performance Coaching

Powerful Presentations


Anna offers in-house and dedicated workshops focusing on the three key areas of Leadership being: Dynamic Delivery, High Performance Coaching and Powerful Presenting.

  • Dynamic Delivery: Upskill your in-house training team with this two day workshop that takes any “Train the Trainer” program and puts in on steroids.  They will immediately use techniques learned to get better results from your in house training programs and more enthusiasm from your staff and participants.

–  Increase content retention up to 90 percent more than lecture only training
–  Reduce design and training time by 25 percent
–  Increase transfer of skills learned back on the job by 75 percent

  • High Performance Coaching:  High Performance Coaching is a two day workshop that equips managers, team leaders and supervisors with skills, tools and mindset to create and motivate high performing teams.  Focusing on techniques such as ‘self-leadership’, ‘self-discovery’ and ‘self management’ participants actively participate in their own learning and use balanced future focused feedback to inspire those they coach.

–  A clear concise framework for coaching that stimulates high performance in others
–  Tools and skills to energize people and give clear, precise direction that leads to results
–  Conversations for confronting people who need to change behavior and/or improve performance

  • Powerful Presenting:  Presenting is a critical leadership skill; one that can be learned.  It is the fastest way to grow your career, your business and make a difference, it is the missing link between strategy and execution and the key to getting heard in a crazy global environment.  Anyone in a position of influence must make the time to attend this interactive two day workshop.

–  Create messages that make sense, get to the point and engage people
–  Deliver any message with impact to any size audience in any given time frame
–  Own who you are authentically and amplify that on any platform

All workshops are established around your key organizational objectives, we work alongside your key people to create a workshop relevant to your people and the issues they are experiencing daily.

All workshops are two day sessions and can have the add on feature of group or individual coaching post-workshop to fully integrate the skills learned.

You pick the topic, reserve the dates and Anna will work with you and your people to create a workshop to specifically meet your requirements.

Request a complimentary half hour session to discuss your requirements

“If you are planning for a year, sow rice.  

If you are planning for a decade, plant trees.

If you are planning for a lifetime, educate people”

– Chinese Proverb


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