Explore Global Opportunities

Create Asia/Pacific Connections 

Enhance Communication Skills

Promote Travel

I am passionate about partnering with those who want to explore new opportunities and/or travel globally.

As the world becomes smaller more and more people are looking at doing business globally.  I can help you take the next step or simply explore options.

As a Kiwi living in China and working throughout China, Australia and New Zealand, I am creating fantastic connections throughout Asia/Pacific who too are passionate about connecting people and businesses globally.

consult with individuals and companies who are looking for new opportunities in a new intercultural environment.  All consulting is done on a project by project basis as all needs are different.

specialize in soft skills training and development, taking people back to the basics of connecting and communicating with others whether in sales, networking, relationship management or providing exceptional service, to enhance their communication skills in a global market place.

partner with individuals and companies who require professional business English communication skills to grow global business.

create travel opportunities for those in China who want to experience a unique travel opportunity to New Zealand and/or Australia or for those Aussies and Kiwis who want to get a taste of the real China outside of Shanghai and Beijing.

Request a complimentary half hour session to discuss your requirements


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